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I've done it for years... I stood in line when Nintendo 64 was new... stood in line when Gamecube was new... stood in line when FURBYS were hot... and last year stood in line to get mom some new tvs for her new house at GREAT prices... yeah it was a generic brand... but a 31 inch for $199... its a steal !!! (Now we will have to upgrade once HDTV is the norm)

I wont be doing it this year as we will be somewhere between Vegas & Texas... although when people ask me... I say yeah Im gonna shop in Albuquerque... you shouldve seen dh's face.... it was one of those OVER MY DEAD BODY looks !

Ok, this is my official last post - got to do last minute packing then we're "ON THE ROAD AGAIN... I CANT WAIT TO GET ON THE ROAD AGAIN... la la la....

Happy Turkey Day everyone ! Will miss ya !

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