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Default Camp Carnival Thoughts, shell shock IMHO


Traveling on the conquest, my son and I, during Spring Break. We are traveling with another family as well. Here is what I am shocked about. I read that a couple went off on there shore excursion, and left a child on the ship with the camp. This child was under the age of 5. Do people really do this?

You travel to foreign lands where just about anything can happen. You leave your child in the hands of capable staff while you toot on to your shore excursions. I just do not think I can do this.

This is just my thoughts, but if something happened to your party, that 1 in a million chance, and you can not get back to the boat, what happens to your child you left behind?

What happens if your out doing a shore thing and your child has an emergency, those beepers don't have a huge radius, especially under water. You can't get back to the ship fast.

Is it just my paranoia in regards to leaving the ship without your child, and I am talking from Infant to 11 or so, or is it just, well, my paranoia?

I just can't see leaving the ship without my son sharing in the fun. If I even leave the ship at all.
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