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Hi Maureen Laura here,

I won't go into graphic detail how I chose my CM name - but suffice to say that last year during our Victory cruise, we went on a fantastic tour of St. Thomas with one of the locals (just 4 of us - our US friends and ourselves) and he started singing some of the local songs with us to sing-along-to during the afternoon whilst we had a tour of the whole island.

One of them had a verse ' calling for Kim' which I am sure if you start singing it to yourself you will realise why I cannot go into graphic detail.

Anyway, we were rolling around in stitches and the name Kimmiegirl just popped out from that.

Hope I didn't embarrass/offend anybody by my little story - sorry if I have but it is where my little alias comes from. I also chose tht name as I know my friends do surf this Forum sometimes and they would know who was posting.

The original Cheshire Cat from Chester, England.
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