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Default shes lucky

according to the Celebrity contract you enter into...whether you read it or not, or if the travel agent says its just nonsense or standard legal contracts....They could have Detained her to her room and then left her on Catalina island to return to SF at her own expense.

It seems what the ship did was to avoid possible bad press..Even if she was the purpetrator...she could have sued the cruise line...she would have lost but it would have hurt sales.

Sorry that you had to experience this. We've only had this problem once. A family with two really uncontrollable small kids that disrupted the dinner service and a teenager that used racial slurs, harrassed passengers and played a loud radio thing. The parents RUDELY had these two way radios that were turned on high volume and were very disruptive. A number of passengers did complain and the staff did talk to the family a number of times.

After stopping in Key West...we never saw them again for the rest of the cruise. They were either rightfully asked to leave or left on their own accord. However We were all glad to not have to deal with this problem any longer.

Celebrity ususally doesn't have these kind of problems, although there are occasional "Bad Seeds" anywhere you go.

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