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Default Thanks, Dabbler

Thanks for the comments. I think that a lot of people, especially those from other countires, are unaware that servers make less than the "normal" minimum wage. While there are restaurants with competitive pay, most only pay their servers the serving minimum wage of $2.13/hour. Although it's not ideal for those who work in food services, I think the idea behind it is that restaurants want their workers to impress the guests enough that they'll come back. Another thing some people don't know is that lots of places encourage their servers to "tip out" other workers at the end of a shift. For example, if a server delivered lots of drinks from the bar to their tables, they are often expected to give the bartenders part of their earnings. Or, if there are food runners, the servers typically give them money at the end of the night. Sometimes this is done for those who bus the tables too. The downside of this is that if a server doesn't have a good night, they can easily give away most of their money to the people who helped them. And lots of times, if they DON'T tip these helpers out, the next time they work, they'll receive slow bar service, not get their tables bussed, not have help running their food, etc. It's a vicious cycle!
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