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according to the Celebrity contract you enter into...whether you read it or not, or if the travel agent says its just nonsense or standard legal contracts....They could have Detained her to her room and then left her on Catalina island to return to SF at her own expense.

Although that's true under the terms of the passage contract, the federal government would have fined the cruise line $2,000 per passenger, IIRC, dropped anywhere except the port of embarkation for the violation of the Jones Act, which forbids transporting passengers from one U. S. port to anohter in a vessel of foreign flag without calling in a distant foreign port en route.

It also sounds like the ship was much closer to San Francisco than to Catalina Island when the problem arose. If the ship sailed at 6:00 and the problem arose during the first seating of dinner, the ship would have been within a couple hours of the dock.


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