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Default sound reasonable?


Now that I am entirely confused by the whole tipping issue after looking through these threads, does this sound reasonable in the tipping department and have I forgotten anyone? (I would hate to look like a cheap Canadian) lol.

Flights- tip the flight attendent only for extras, alcohol ect. 15% ok?
Baggage handlers 4$ for 4 bags
Is the sail n sign card charged at the beggining of the trip or do we have to state that we want it charged at the beggining?
We will pay the automatic gratuity. 140$ 2 people 7 nights.
2$ for room service
10$ to the cabin attendent at the end of the trip as an extra
10$ to the wait staff as an extra at the end of the trip
1$ to the bar staff occassionally on top of the 15%
5$ to excursions operators if it's exceptional
15% at port of calls restaurants with extras if we drink and eat longer (adjusting to the 10 to 30% depending on service)
Cab drivers 1-2$ for every 10 we spend

Whom have I forgotten. Sorry I am sorta sitting here in confusion after perusing this board.
Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Realizing everyone tips differently I am just looking for some guidelines. I am used to going to all inclusive resorts and tipping a couple of bucks here and there any everywhere throughout the trip.

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