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Hi Barb,

First, keep in mind that we often over tip according to many people here!

I agree with mobster75, don't tip the flight attendants.

We usually have four bags and tip the porter (baggage handler) at the pier at least $8.00 ($2.00 per bag). If they are friendly instead of surly, we tip $10.00.

The Sail and Sign will be set up when you check in. They will automatically charge your credit card (or whatever you use) $10.00/pp per day.

$2.00 for room service is fine, unless you order a huge amount!

We tip our room steward extra depending on the service. If they only do the minimal (make the beds, clean the bathroom, replace towels, etc.) we'd tip probably $20.00 extra at the end of the cruise. If they go out of their way for us (as our last steward did) we tip more.

We've never had exceptional service by the wait staff and don't ask for anything special, so we don't tip extra. If we asked for and received special service we would. We also don't tip the bar tenders extra unless they've done something special for us. We did tip several of the bar waiters extra on our last cruise because they anticipated our needs!

On every excursion except one (which was really bad!) we tip the guide at least $5.00, and sometimes tip the driver $5.00 as well. (We never tip the driver's "assistant". What the heck does he do, anyway )

If you play the table games in the casino, some people tip the dealer. Also, if you use the child care facilities onboard, many will tip the workers.

Also, keep in mind that the cruise ship staff's tips are pooled. They may get your extra tips, and they may not!
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