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You sound like me yesterday. Let me see if I can help. There is no longer bottom feeders. Do you have pictured in your mind the Titanic with all the poor people on the bottom. That is what i was thinking. On a cruise ship, everyone is equal. The difference is what type of room you asked, and paid for. There are of course, inside rooms, rooms with port holes, ocean view rooms, and the balcony ones. A upgrade would be if you got higher up on the ship, or if they went from an ocean view to balcony, etc. The only reason to get higher on the ship, is not because you receive better service, but to be closer to the activities. Not everybody gets an upgrade, if fact most people don't. I to thought because I booked early, and with a plea from Carnival to rebook after my cruises were cancelled, I would get an upgrade. It didn't happen, and I was disappointed, and it took someone like my sons to make me realize that we were thankful to be on a cruise, and that we were just as special as the person at the top.

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