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[quote="seattleguy37"]tobeetlegator-Oh my God, I agree about cabin-sharing and I'm thanking the heavens I paid the single supplement. The article made points I never would have thought about and it brought back nightmares of yesteryear sharing a bedroom with my brother. quote]

If rooming with you brother is bad imagine rooming with a perfect stranger.

You have to click with a roommate instantly and make rules instantly, otherwise you will have alot of surprises during your cruise. The thought of sleeping out on a deck chair because your roommate got lucky makes me very angry. Of all the planning and money you put out before the cruise just to have it ruin because a guy/girl you just met want to have sex. Don't get me wrong, I would feel bad about putting my roommate out if I met someone.

Yes, I would pay the extra supplement for my privacy and freedom to do anything I want with who I want.
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