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While I was trying to stay away from the issue of where this info came from and try to just focus on the concerns I have to say something. Dr Phil is nothing but a show looking for ratings and should be ashamed for exploiting these two families to gain a larger maket-share and hence command more money for commercials. First Ms. Holloway is the unfortunate victum of an oversexed little spoiled creep. She was 99.9% murdered and not sold into slavery im my opinion after getting intoxicated and going off with 3 young men. She was on a land vacation. Amy Bradley was on a ship and last reported as intoxicated and sitting on a balcony railing where indeed her cigarettes were found. She did not walk off the ship nor is there any indication that she was kidnapped and secretly offloaded by the crew. The crew lives in very tight areas and I know crew, everyone knows what everyone is doing and there are no secrets in crew quarters. Someone would have known and reported it immediately. Amy unfortunately fell overboard and was lost at sea. All these so called sightings of these two are a valid as the sightings of Elvis.
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