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Originally Posted by misstacal
I guess I have the same feeling about this tipping for children. I have 4 children that will be on this cruise with us and I do all the work for them I probably won't make the beds but I will straighten them and I will make sure the room is picked up. I know that I have to tip and I do not mind that but I do not feel I should be told how much to tip actually when I get told I have to tip a certain amount it make me angry I tend to over tip when I am left to make my own decisions. That being said I will only be tipping half the amount for my kids as I will still be doing all the work and no one tips me!!! Just my opinion for what it is worth.

Hmmm - so, if you'll be cleaning the bathroom, changing the sheets and obtaining your own towels, I guess you really don't even need a room steward? Oh, and the waiters won't be serving your children either? Get over it - if you can afford to cruise, you can afford to tip - that's how these people make a living. Be cheap if you want, but don't hide behind the "no one tips me" baloney. I always leave my cabin very neat, but would never stiff the cabin steward because of that.
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