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I am also going to Alaska in May but on the Volendam out of Vancouver. Been there twice and am looking forward to going again.

Weather - it may be quite cool at that time of year, but who knows. Keep checking the weather reports for the various ports you are visiting.

Ketchikan and Juneau can be very rainy, so take along an umbrella and good sturdy shoes. I wear my New Balance most of the time. Layer your clothes, so that if the weather is cold in the morning and then warms up later, you can just remove a layer or two.

2 years ago (end of Aug.) when we were in Skagway, I started off with a turtle-neck t-shirt, heavy sweater, rain-proof shell, gloves and a woolen hat. By the afternoon I was in light summer pants and a short-sleeve t-shirt. You just never know in Alaksa.

Tours can be expensive, but there are usually tour stands right where the ship docks, so you may be able to pick up a tour that is much cheaper. If you can afford it, visit Mendenhall Glacier/Salmon bake, go whale watching or maybe take a walking tour of the town.

I am sure you will enjoy your cruise and seeing the wonders of Alaska. Have fun.
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