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Originally Posted by Cruise Ship Singer
actually I found that a lot of the audiences are getting younger.......I think it really depends on the cruise ships........that is why most ships now offer a few different production Broadway review, one rock and roll review, and usually an international show, covering different genres of can never gear all the shows towards one age group.........there has to be something for everyone......most Broadway shows cover older musicals, and than progress into current that everybody is happy.........
As for the "screamers", yeah there are some, but don't confuse screaming with someone who has a strong belt in their voice......

cheers and happy watching


Principal singer for Disney, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Celebrity cruises
Hi Jason, what type of music do you sing? Also is there a data base that you can find a biography of your favorite entertainer on a cruise ship or where they will be next? For instance, I'm trying to look for Music Boardwalk Group that I heard on the Carnival Triumph. They are a great group. Thanks, for any info.
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