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Hey, my interview is with Evoke, but they havent scheduled yet. I had an email saying it would be scheduled for the next week which was last week but still heard nothing. Frightened that if I keep emailing and harrassing them I will just annoy them... but my friend who works on ships said they are just busy and that it is better to keep on at them? What do you reckon? Plus the woman I have for contact never picks up the phone. I got her assistant first thing this morning and she said she would ring back today but theres only like an hour till they close.
Just sent my pack again for starboard as the other one came back to me after 3 weeks lost in the post! Desp to be on a ship by xmas but its looking less and less likely the later it gets. How much did you earn with starboard? Just trying to budget bills that will be going out while I am away.
Its so exciting but I just want to go now! been waiting ages for this interview and thought I would have a job by now.
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