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I wonder why people do not come out to these meets when there seems to be such a large number of singles cruising .... as well as posting interest in meeting other singles on the ship. Has anyone else had similar experiences on cruises?

I always make an effort to attend, but I find that two things sometimes interfere.

>> 1. Occasionally, I either forget or lose track of the time.

>> 2. Occasionally, I have gone to the designated lounge and not found anybody who was identifyably from the cruise staff.

>> 3. Sometimes I have encoutnered schedule conflicts.

With regard to the latter, some cruies lines have a penchant for scheduling a singles gathering at 10:00 or 10:30 PM on the first night of the cruise. If it's at 10:00, those of us who have second seating usually are still at dinner, awaiting dessert. The rudeness of leaving the table before the end of the meal certainly would not make a favorable impression upon our tablemates, with whom we expect to dine for the rest of the cruise.

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