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Nickel, I have been a server too, and quite frankly I am not impressed that you would choose to give poor service to someone who doesn't tip. That is just poor work ethic. You are paid a wage to serve, tips are extra. I served everyone to the best of my ability, and yes some people tip more then others. On the other hand I am a Canadian, and we pay our servers a decent( although low) minimum wage ( here it is 8 $ an hour) , perhaps if I was paid the slave wage of 2 dollars an hour I would be more hardened and worry less about work ethic and more about tips.

Thomas, you always cite your business as an example, yet, here in Canada there restaurants and bars pay more then slave wages and still have good servers and good prices. How is that ?

I tip on the cruise. I tip at home, I tip for good to excellant service, half *ssed service gets 1/2 tip. and poor service gets nothing but a word to the manager. I am sypathtic to a strugggling obviously busy server, and merciless to a lazy hand out server.
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