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Little Red,

I'm sorry to hear of the foul-ups, but glad to hear that your parents did recieve what you intended. Unfortunately, I have heard of others having similar problems with Celebrity's call centers.

There is one more thing that you can do if you own any stock at all in the parent company -- all it takes is ONE share. Show up at the parent company's next annual stockholders' meeting, describe the original problem and the rudeness of the individual who took your call, indicate that you have heard that your experience is not exactly unique, and ask the President what's being done (a) to correct the original problem of the gifts not getting transmitted correctly and (b) to identify and replace personnel in the company's call center who act so rudely to callers.

The annual stockholders' meeting is a unique forum. Not only are all of the company's directors and senior executives there, but the institutional stockholders with significant positions invariably send representatives. Many industry analysts and smaller investors who do not attend personally, for whatever reason, also now watch the entire meeting via webcast. Any indication that management is not addressing problems of the type that you encountered will get swift attention and follow-up, and it will be even more certain if two or three stockholders ask similar questions.

BTW, I should mention that there's a significnat bonus for those who own a round lot (100 shares) or mroe of Celebrity's parent company, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (NYSE: RCL). The parent company offers a shipboard credit that's fully combinable with all other deals, and it's applicable to as many cruises as you take. The current credit is $50 on cruises of five (5) nights or fewer, $100 on cruises of six (6) to eight (8) nights, $200 on cruises of nine (9) to thirteen (13) nights, and $250 on cruises of fourteen (14) nights or more.

Shareholder Benefit FAQ:

Instructions to Obtaining the Shareholder Benefit:

The company first announced this offer about three years ago, but has renewed it every year so I expect that another renewal will be forthcoming before the current expiration date.

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