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Hi there

well i have been a purser for 3 years and I am in love with my job completly!

Prepare to work hard though, serioulsy.

If you have just begun, then you will be going to the fascination, for a 2 week purser will spend 1 week in class on board, and then 1 week working along side the Fascination pursers, very nice team on there, I have a lot of friends on that ship and the office is very nice.
Aftet the 2 week is up, then everyone from your college with be sent to different ships as pursers. Alone! So do not get attached to you college mates, really, because you will be serperated!!
There you will stay for a 6-8 month contract.

i dont understand what you mean about seeing relatives live with you.
No, the ship never stops the itineray, so yes you get to get off in ports depending on your shift that day, but as far as seeing relatives...only if they are living in one of the ports we call at! The home port day in the usa, embarkation day is the busiest day for all pursers, so we do not really get to see much of the home port.
You will be able to have imediate family sail on discount, but only after you have worked 6 months for the company and depending on the cruise avalibility.

You will not have a day off. You will have parts of days off, but you will have a shift on the desk every day, 7 days a week. This sounds sacry, but really, it isnt, you get very used to it. Sometimes you will have the morning shift, and then the day is yours...providing all your side duties are handled. Eg, whatever they assign to lost luggage, special needs guests...lost and found etc.

It is a good life, I mean, after my first contract i missed my family and my home so much, and wanted out, and said that i wasn't going back, but after one week at snice to see everyone, but then you see, everyone has their own job and life...and you find yourself alone a lot and miss the crazy ship life very much. So I came back and i am addicted! I have been promoted so its all the more reason to return, plus I fell in love over there, and with me and my boy being from different countries...well, its the only we we can be together if we go back on ships.

Its easy i suppose to get a job off the ship afterwards...but I don't know what you mean. If you mean staying in the usa, well you need a green card of course...that is not my plan, I will stay in england after my time on ships so i cannot help you there

hope i answered what i could

Emma xox
Emma xox
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