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Default Comments from a 1st time cruiser.

My wife and I have just returned Sat. Dec.10 from a 7 day Carribean cruise. Let me describe to you in one word how we both feel about cruising.


Here's my biggest word of advice to all of you 1st time cruisers, DO NOT BE CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT YOU READ IN THESE CHAT ROOMS.

Many are negative talks about people simply complaining, stay away from these don't even read them.

Our cruise as described above was simply awesome, why? becuase my wife of 32 years made it that way. You decide what type of cruise you will have not anyone else.

We sailed on the Navigator of the Seas. Here are my scores on a scale of 1 - 10.


Head waiter....10

Ass.t waiter....07 (only because he was shy)

Windjammer restaurant host.... 20 (This person was just full of positive energy which sets the tone of the day.


bar waiters....20

Any way you get the jist, the waiters meet you for the first time and will remember what your name is and what your drinking.

We met so many wonderful people on the trip, simply by saying hello, or good morning (afternoon) you can tell those who want to talk and those that don't.

If you would like more info. email me at
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