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Actuallly there is a slight difference in the tipping here and in the States. The Americans tip more generously, apparently they don't pay their serving staff much in some States it is as LITTLE AS 2 or 3 dollars an hour!!!!!!! So tipping 20 to 25% is more common in America. Here tipping that much is considered VERY generous, as most servers are pleased with 15%.

In British Columbia the minumum wage is 8 dollars an hour, which is what the young girls( boys) working in retail stores also earn, so a" tip "job is actually better money.

I think you will find the service standard is pretty good too, Vancouver ( like Victoria) relies on tourists for a big chunk of change, so tourists are generally treated very well. Also since we believe in being polite to just to be nice, and not just for tips you should be quite happy. Hotel staff love to get a little something, but rarely expect it( chamber maids etc)
Doormen or bellboys expect a couple of dollars if they help you with a bag , but they won't curse you if you don't.
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