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Default Carnival Legend 12/3/05-12/11/05

Just returned from the Legend. We were in cabin 8241 - a great room with a balcony. Was a fantastic cruise - folks, this cruise has more food variety and selection than ever. Stop right there, you are not going to like everything, but the variety is unbelievable and you will undoubtedly find something you do indeed like. I have to say, I was very disappointed in the pizza this time. Either they changed the brand of cheese they use or they do not cook the pizza thoroughly. My thought is that they are trying to cut back, but who knows for sure. I always thought they had the best pizza, but this time was disappointed. With that said, overall I thought the food was awesome. The grille food and the deli food was a major hit and overall the dining room food was very tasty and well presented. They also serve Asian every day.

I HAVE A HUGE RECOMMENDATION - PLEASE SPEND THE $30 TO EAT IN THE GOLDEN FLEECE SUPPER CLUB! It was phenomenal and probably the best meal I've ever had. But, go very hungry as they serve you things (good stuff) you don't even ask for. I absolutely believe the $30 fee is very well worth it! Our servers were Marina and Yulia - both Russian. They were fantastic! If it didn't make me so full, I would have gone twice.

I was not pleased with the dining room team as they forgot my orders and seemed a bit disorganized - this is really the first negative experience I've had in the dining room overall on my 13 cruises with Carnival. The asst waiter spilled a glass of wine on me, after I just had my tux pressed that day. With express laundry service I spent about $16.00 so I was not too pleased. She apologized, but did not even attempt to replace the glass of wine. Ok, I did not let this one incident ruin my cruise, but it was unprofessional.

Great room steward in Amelia! She was simply awesome. The hose on the shower broke completely off and fell to the shower floor. I reported it and Amelia had it fixed (I know she did not do the work) in less than 2 hours. She was really on the ball!

I thought the entertainment was excellent - it continues to get better and better on Carnival. The string quartet and all of the major productions in the Follies Lounge were great. The Music Connection in Satchmo's Lounge was very good. The amount of entertainment and variety offered was above that of many other ships. I don't believe I ever experienced more shows, even on other Carnival ships, than the number of productions and acts on the Legend.

Prior to the cruise, I was concerned about the Cruise Director since I had read here on line that it would most likely be Brett Alans (sp?) and many did not provide very good feedback, however, we had Lenny Halliday. He was not bad at all - what a tough job the Cruise Director has - nice job Lenny. He did indicate he will be leaving the legend after the next cruise -taking holiday to go back home to visit his wife and family.

One thing I think Carnival can definitely improve on is the embarkation process in Ft. Lauderdale. It is the only place where I have encountered a wait of 90 mins or greater. This does not seem to happen with the other Cruise Lines in Ft. Lauderdale so this is a dissatisfier for Carnival.

If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask.

By the way, prior to my cruise I read a lot of postings and many people asked questions regarding the past passenger benefits (i.e. the gold vs. platinum status). If this is your first Carnival cruise you will receive a red, white and blue sign and sail card. If this is your second (and up thru 9 I believe) you will receive a gold sign and sail card. I believe at 10 you receive a platinum - this is what I had. The card means absolutely nothing at this point, except that ALL past passengers are invited to the past guest reception. The gold and platinum card holders get nothing more than the holders of the red, white and blue other than the reception. I did have many crew members ask me "how many cruises have you been on", etc but I did not receive any additional perks. I was hoping for a quicker embarkation because of the # of cruises, but this is not the case. HINT, HINT Carnival - this would be a great idea if you could pull it off!

With that said, this was one of my favorite cruises ever. I will keep sailing on Carnival as I think they've built the best product. I've always enjoyed the Carnival product and it seems they just keep making it better and better. I'll be booking my 14th before long.

Carnival, keep up the great work!

Cheers mates!
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