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Gay and lesbian cruisers do often post in both boards, however there is a very good reason to not auto-repost the messages from this board into the cruise line or destination boards. On the gay/lesbian board, I identify myself as a gay traveller. On the cruise line/destination boards I do not identify myself as a gay traveller. Based off my observations on CruiseMates and other similar websites, this is the norm for gay and lesbian travellers.

Unfortunately, we do not yet live in a time where everyone is accepting of the gay and lesbian community. I know CruiseMates does an excellent job of moderating the boards and would promptly remove any derogatory postings, but why even have a G/L board at all if most of the posts are going to be redirected into the cruise line or destination boards? The whole purpose behind a board such as this is to build a community around people with common interests. I'm surprised that I am the only one commenting about this.

To repeat, I think the poster should be allowed to decide which boards a message gets posted on. Cross posting most messages in this board would damage the small but functional community and might encourage some gay/lesbian cruisers to post someplace else. I too would like to see an increased volume of message postings on CruiseMates, but this is not the way to do it.
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