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I have no problem posting in the meet on board folders, as long as they are gay friendly. By choice I have never posted gay-related topics in chit-chat and other forums, confining those posts to here. Even though I have never detected any kind of intolerance I just assumed they wouldn't want to hear about it. I'm sure most of the regulars in chit-chat have figured me out and not once have I gotten any kind of disrespect and for that I commend cruisemates and the moderators of the message boards.

It seemed like most gays posted their meet on boards in here because it just made sense that this would be the first room a gay person would look in. It was that way for me. However, I do look in both rooms.

I'm not at all offended and put off that the posts went up in those rooms, I really just didn't know what "moved" meant, but I do now.

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