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Originally Posted by Barkingowl
Thanks Paul! I enjoyed your article. I'll have to see if my wife wants to go to Alaska now or down to the Chilean fjords.

I like that they don't sail to the same ports that every other liner sails to. There's nothing worse than coming into port & seeing 5 other mega ships already docked.

BTW I'm Chris.
I do know that the Chilean Fjords are some of their most popular itineraries. Naturally going on a lux ships gives you bragging rights and those are always magnified by an exotic location. But there must be something special about those fjords because SS goes there every year.

I don't know how often you cruise and how easily you can afford to go first-class. Some people do it every time and some splurge just once in a lifetime. Doesn't really matter except it might help you make the destination decision by looking at it this way...

A whole lot of ships go to Alaska, but very few go to the Chilean Fjords. If you are going to "splurge" on Silversea then you might consider going to one of their exclusive destinations as well because you can always find another ship to Alaska. However, if you take Silversea to Alaska you are not going to find a lot of alternatives going to to the Chilean Fjords.
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