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Originally Posted by Barkingowl
Well my wife & I went on our first cruise this past January to the Bahamas with friends. She has been everywhere & done everything & I'm still pretty new to all of this. We generally don't do first class travelling but I would like to do something special with her. The cruises have wound up being anniversary gifts.

I see your point about Alaska...
OK!!!! There is such a huge difference in cruise lines that I dare say one cannot even compare a cruise on Silversea to a Bahamas cruise. Silversea is not a "cruise" in the traditional sense. There is no herding of passengers or encouraging them to do mindless activities like bingo. SS is a luxury travel experience more than a cruise. Be as active as you want, or just let them pamper you.

Silversea is a four-star hotel on water, with the kind of concierge service that allows you to create your own vacation effortlessly; on board and on shore. You can arrange a private tour of any style whether it is offered by the cruise line or not just by calling the concierge. And if you want a tray of fine caviar waiting in your cabin when you return you can have that as well (no extra charge). They make it possible to invent your travel experience as you go, and not limit you to what they offer. Though they do offer plenty of things, some of which would not be available to you as a private traveler but the Silversea name opens the door.

That takes a level of creativity beyond what the average cruise offers.
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