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Excellent points Jim and Paddletoe. I do not EVER let the embarkation process ruin my cruise experience in any way. Now, I don't know if I would feel the same if I ever waited 4 hours as you indicate below Jim. That's insane. One thing which did frustrate me when going on the Legend in December was the fact that all the tours (mostly seniors) cut in line - there was absolutely no monitoring of this behavior by the cruise line. I do get frustrated some times when I'm waiting in line and feel the cruise line should have this embarkation think ironed many years have they been doing this? I realize there is more security checks, etc. but I really don't think this is the issue. To me, it appears they need more help, whether it be check-in clerks or more metal detector/scanner stations. Again, once embarkation (and the lifeboat drill) are complete, I've completely forgot about the embarkation process. This would probably be my sole complaint/concern from my last cruise. Everything went so well!
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