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There are no other NCL ships with engine problems right now. This does not mean there will be none in the future. Several lines develop similar problems and there is no other way to make the repairs, other than change itineraries until the ships can go into dry dock for repairs. Missing Acapulco can seem like a big thing, but it really isn't. There are other ports just as interesting and perhaps less over run with tourists, plus crusing is a total experience and not just visiting ports. We just returned from a cruise that had a port change, no reasons given and no OBC credit either. We did talk to one person that raised so much steam that she was given an OBC, the rest of us just accepted the change. It really didn't affect our cruise one bit. Go, plan on having a blast, no not expect great weather BTW and you will soon forget about the missed port. Oh, you will hear lots of gripes on the ship about it, we certainly did about ours a couple weeks ago, but it still shouldn't influence your wonderful vacation. NM Nita
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