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Thinking about it is actually pretty amazing that they are able to board so many people so quickly! Thinks about it, you have anywhere between 2500 and 3400 people that are processed through maybe two scanners, maybe a dozen or more regestration people, a table or two to give out you cabin keys and two to four stands to have them programed with your photo and of course the one area to have your boarding photo taken. Man, that is a lot of folks to pass through and enter the one door to the ship. In addition they tossed off the same amount of people and picked up after them before they let you on!
I have seen those folks and yes many of them are the older folks who 'absent-mindedly' cut in front of you and when called on it act surprised as they didn't really mean to cut in front of anyone. Yea right! They do this all the time and get away with it so why not try it on the boarding process and elsewhere on the ship. I've gotten where I call them down for it every time now it has gotten so bad. Example, while standing in Wal-Mart just before Christmas I was in the express line and standing about 4 feet from the person in front of me so as not to crowd him. I looked to the left and looked back and there was an older lady now standing between us! I was so shocked that I actually turned a full circle before say9ing anything and there was now an old man bewtween me and her! I was so mad that I was just about speechless and loudly proclaimed what inconsidrate, ignorant, rude and worthless people they were and walked away as I was concerned that I would say something else that would be embarassing to me as in profanity. Hard to understand why people are not more considerate of outhers. Lines actually go faster that way.
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