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Default Jewel Comments re Food / Wine and Dinner Service

Have sailed RCCL 7 times over past several years and there is definitely a deterioration in the dining experience. The menu is now quite limited: one salad offering at dinner (not counting the routine Ceasar), salad dressings are boring and routine (are they bottled?). Lamb: leg of lamb has become lamb shanks. Veal: roast is now parmasaned and smothered in cheese and tomatoe sauce. Lobster tail: so small it is paired with shrimp. (The waiter did have extra tails available, however.) RCCL offered a wide wine selection, but our choice was not available. They could not answer any questions about the wine or make a recommendation of any kind. (In the past the wine stewards knew the wines, now they just toss the list in front of you.) Most diners at our table ordered a back-up dessert -- ice cream! Believe me, we never left hungry, but the variety and quality are simply not there anymore. I will say, however, that once again our dinner companions (all strangers at first) were delightful and a joy. Happy sailing!
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