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Hi Mike, Looks as though we'll be joining you on this cruise. I too am trying to learn as much as possible about NCL and the Spirit in particular. We've cruised twice on Carnival and once on RCCL so Freestyle Dining is new to us as well. I think that the surcharge for the speciality varies by restaurant and I think that there is no surcharge for Raffles and Windows, I hope I didn't mess that up, hopefully someone will post if I am mistaken. We'll be travelling with our 3 and 5 year old and it seems as though this ship is very kid-friendly. We can't wait to see the water park and the kids facilities. I read that 20% of deck 10 is devoted to kids facilities. There are a few differences between NCL and Carnival kids programs, with regard to your two year old, if he/she is in diapers or not fully potty trained you will be given a beeper and paged when it is diaper/pullup changing time. Also, on port days the kids activities are available, however there is a per hour charge of $5 for the first child and $3 for the second. That charge does not apply on sea days. NCL reduces the gratuities for children (for my two kids it will be $5/day, as opposed to the $10 a day customarily paid by adults) and I think that kind of helps balance out the charges for the kids club on sea days. Oops sorry, just re-read your you probably know all of this. sorry. Well just in case, I'll leave it.
Guess we'll be seeing you in March!
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