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Hi - I've been on the Spirit, but not to the Bahamas. She's a nice
ship, though still has an Oriental motif since she was transferred
from the Singapore-Malaysia area early in 2004. We thoroughly
enjoyed the free style dining, but you have to choose your times
kinda carefully if you want a table for just two. We found the best
time for dinner was right at 5:30PM. Cabins are small but very
comfortable. Don't know about now, but they only had one show
each night as opposed to others that had two. Also liked the idea
of their tipping procedures, $10.00 per day per passenger. Saved
the hassle of those little envelopes and getting cash from the
purser's office on the last day. Personally, the cruise you are
going on wouldn't satisfy me much because of the stops in Port
Canaveral and Miami, but Nassau is nice. The Alaska cruise last
year was a delight even though the crew was still getting used to
its new surroundings. We made good friends with an assistant
cruise director, Joleen. If you run into her tell her that Glen and
Alta send their love.

Glen Bailey, Portland, OR
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