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Originally Posted by JimmyD
We went on the same cruise that returned the 17th. Just curious how your embarkation went. Our disembarkation was a nightmare. It was pouring down rain, and after going through customs, everyone had to go outside to wait for their transportation. There is only so much covered area outside the terminal building. No room under cover, so our bags, along with hundreds of others were dumped out in the rain. People were fighting over cabs and blocking traffic lanes trying to stop cabs. Some people who had transfers to the airport, through Celebrity, were told that one of the buses had broken down and they would have to wait for another. Some buses that had already taken a load of people to the airport did not return as scheduled and many, many people were missing flights. Traffic from the parking lots was horrendous. It took about 40 minutes to get from the terminal to the parking lot and back. No wonder...there were two other ships there. In the meantime, my wife and our luggage stood in the rain. We got off the ship 30 minutes later than scheduled, at about 10:30, and didn't leave the terminal until about 12:30.


Sorry about you alls disembarkation! I did see what you where talking about how muchs yalls disembarkation was a nightmare. When our Holiday inn bus got us to the terminal we saw many poeple just standing in the cold rain! Our embarkation was very smooth! We got at the terminal around 12:30 and did the usual customs etc. Then we walked right onto the ship about 1:00! Our disembarkation on the other hand was a nightmare also. They where 2 hours behind getting everyone off. We got off the ship around 11:45 and there was still alot more people waiting! Overall it was a wonderful cruise!
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