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I am the Emma from further in the post...just forgot my password so had to change!

I work for ccl...i am going to the Glory soon, suppose to be Spirit, but things changed.

To the people saying it is ok for crew to date guests..please do not, because really as was mentioned it could get someone fired. It is not just frowned upon, it is just not allowed. Why do you think people use the word " sneak " because if they get caught, it is not worth it.

Not many crew members are that tempted anyway. Most are very professional and save their fun for the crew bar!

It really is more comman for crew to date crew... i mean the average cruise is for 7 days...what can blossom in that amount of time??

My close friend was fired for going to the disco with a guest. and because she would not kiss him, he complained about her that she was chasing him and made her uncomfortabel. and of coursed "the custtomer is always right"

So you see....its just not worth it.

I don't see many crew having girls in the ports really...not comman at all.

Emma xx
Emma xox
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