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Good Morning All,

It is about 4 degrees and the windows are pretty frosted. I love to look at the intricate designs the frost makes on the glass. As much as I hate the cold I have to try something to be thankful for, so today it will be for the lovely patterns etched in ice.

I kinda petered out yesterday and didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped. Oh, well. As I posted in the Ping Pong thread, I might escape tonight and go to the movies, just to take a short break. I seem to be emotionally drained, cranky and teary. It is not normal for me, so I'm not enjoying it.

Yesterday I arranged to host a Birthday Brunch for my sister on Sunday. We will be 11 I believe. I will be making my stuffed french toast casserole, but other than that I'm not sure what to make, so I guess I need to start thinking about it and planning. Thankfully most of the house is clean and will only need a quick touch up.
On the downside my daughter will be flying out on Monday, and there will be a lot going on to get her ready to leave. I guess maybe I can slow down around next Tuesday, if all goes according to plan.

Need to get cracking and make a few Thank You cards for some of the lovely gifts I received during Christmas. Need to put to use all the crafting supplies I've accumulated before my husband sees them as useless junk on his quest to rid the house of all things he deems useless.

Must wake up my DD and get her moving. She is going to her Memere's today to have some clothes altared. I'm sure they will eat lunch and play cards as well. Her room is a diaster, but I'm trying to bite my tongue as she will be gone in a few days and I'll be missing her mess terribly in a week or so.

Hope that you all have a pleasant day

Ed - truly hope your wife gets some help for her knee, and that wrist #2 does as well as the first
RD - poor James! Hope he is beginning to be a bit more comfortable.
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