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good morning!

Wow..i guess it was my turn for the sleepies! last night i was reading a book, all nice and cozy, when the next thing i know something is pulling on me! my husband was removing my glasses, startled me, and i shot off the couch. It was 5:30 pm. He sent me to bed where i preceded to snooze until 7:45. I guess my internal "chat" alarm woke me up, but the chat was down again.

today i am going grocery shopping, riding my stationary bike, gotta loose this weight! and finish the house cleaning. My mother-in-law is coming out the 20th to celebrate my son's birthday, such a sweet woman! I am a very lucky person, she treats my son as her own flesh and blood grandson. Not many women will do that. I can't say enough about her!

Still haven't gotten my hair trimmed. Maybe I will today.

take care all!
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