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Default Got rebooked

After spending all afternoon, I am finally rebooked on a US Airways flight. Only problem was that this flies out on the 29th, not the 28th like I was originally scheduled. I had to drop another $250 on a hotel room that ATA will not reimburse me for. I also lose the $100 in vouchers that I was going to use on this flight that I receive from ATA for the same issue last year.

If anyone is flying ATA after the 9th, check your schedule to make sure it is still flying.

What kind of company doesn't have a customer service phone number? At one point, I spent 45 minutes on hold with ATA reservations. The reservations agent had said that she was trying to get ahold of her manager to see what could be done. 45 minutes I spent on hold, just so the manager could tell me that I needed to contact customer service via email. Oh, but they make an effor to get back to you in 10 days.....How is that customer service? The very least they could have done was take my number and call me back.
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