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Speaking of the Spirit..... How does the Spirit compare to the other ships in the fleet. To my understanding The Wind and Dream are twins, The Sun and Pride of Aloha are of the same basic design, and the Star/Dawn/Jewel/Pride of hawaii/Jade/and Pearl are of the same basic design. The Crown and Majesty are one of a kinds. What is the Spirit?
I believe i read somewhere that it is a smaller version of the Star class.
I read somewhere else it has sisiters at Star cruiselines.
Since I like to try out new ships/designs do you guys believe that Spirit is a one of a kind in the NCL fleet or will I find her very similar to the Dawn?
So far I have been on 6 cruises on 4 Different Cruiselines and 6 totally different ships.
Thanks for all of your opinions.
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