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Originally Posted by charlie2

Me again

This is begining to get exciting, 7 weeks to go!!!!

All my kids drink soft drinks to extreme, I have read that you can buy a 'voucher' for the duration of the cruise and they can drink forever!!!!!!

Does anyone know how much these are on the Grand P for a 12 day cruise and are there they worth it? can you bring them into the resturants.

Also, do kids have to get dressed up all fancy for Formal nights?

I just returned from a 10 day on the Dawn Princess. The soda cards were $49.95 for the ten days. That was a big price hike from our previous cruises on the Regal and Sapphire where the cards were only $25 for ten days. However, it may still be worth it if your kids drink alot of soda. They did honor the soda cards in the restaurants.

You will see some children dressed to the nines in fancy dresses and little tuxes, but the majority are usually dressed less formally. On my last cruise, I noticed most little girls wearing pretty (but not formal) dresses and most little boys wearing either dress slacks or dockers with dress shirts. Most did not wear a jacket and only about 50% a tie.

Hope this helps. Have a great cruise!
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