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Hi Sue,

Happy new Year and I like you, also thoguht my short trip to Germany (Berlin) was absolutely wonderful. If Berlin is a taster of what tehr est of Germany is like, then I well understand how you are feeling.

Wea re going back to Berlin March as it was well just so wonderful - forget cruising this year, still so far more to do and see and Germany is now very much on the top of the list (as is Hong Kong, Venice, Rome etc).

For us the only thing we personally found much cheaper than the UK was the food and drink. Clothing, especially designer, was the same price as we pay here in the UK so we did not 'shop until you drop for clothes' like we do when we visit the US, as the clothing in the US compared to our pricing is so very cheap! We will wait until June weh we are coming voer the pond to Minnesotta and Chicago.

If only we all had more time and 'dosh' so that we could travel, travel, travel.

Happy 2006


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