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Default Cars! Cars! Cars!

Here in Michigan it's Auto Show time! It's the Oscar's of automotive. Glitz, glamor, lights, smoke and mirrors. Followed by a black tie event for Charity.

As some of you know my DH is involved very heavy with auto shows. He works long hard hours during all these for things to be pulled off without a hitch. I hardly see him and I'm very proud of him. From here it's Chicago, then NY! Good luck, honey!

Has anybody seen any of the new reveals so far? Got to love that Challenger! Sweet! Did you see the Jeep smash through the glass of the Hall and climb a mountain? Real glass! Today is another reveal that will make headlines with alot of snow! Sorry can't tell you more about that yet, but very cool.

Fun watching all this stuff. Hope US automakers have a better year! The new car/trucks/crossovers are a right start with alot of exciting, high quality products!

Good Luck Detroit!

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