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Actually, I meant to say Challenger in my OP, not Charger. DUHH! Not awake I guess. Yes, it is really sweet, and getting alot of good reviews up here. People are going nuts for it because it is like the original, but better. Did you see the pic's of the inside! OMG People are liking the Camero too, but disappointed that it is nothing like the classic so why name it that? That's a mistake nobody can afford to take right now.

Venice, I will ask him. He left at 4:00 this morning before I saw your post. Not sure if he made it over to VW yet. He tries to get around to see the others. I'll ask him.

Today is another great reveal. Yesterdays snow show got them on their feet with 6 inches of snow, big fans and very loud music, then out came the Aspen. It was so cool. DH says they are finding that snow everywhere!

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