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Default a note from SAM and TLC

Hi Kuki,
Please accept my apologies for the lack, if there was a lack, of a gift from Missouri. Mama and Papa could't figure out the best way to package Cow Patties or Mountain Oysters for smooth sailing. I told them to stuff their suitcases with dry ice but they didn't agree. Too bad for all you big city folk. Reading about your daily adventures has proven quite entertaining. Sounds like you all are having a wonderful time and hope that some day, maybe some day, Mama and Papa will take Big Brother Chubs, Babiechubs and me, Chubs in the Middle, on a cruise to meet all you crazy CMs! Sammy and Sable miss their Mommy and Daddy but have faired quite well in baptising the carpet at Babie's house and the rug, oh well. Tell Mama and Papa that TLC and SAM miss them and will be looking forward to the dissertation on the adventures of the cruise. Thanks so much from St Louie!
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