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Default Upper/Lower Beds?!??!?

Ok. Not gonna beat around the bush here, we booked 2 rooms both with 2 upper and 2 lower beds. In one room there won't be any problems, 2 adults 2 kids. The kids can sleep on the upper beds. In the other room we have 3 adults and 1 kid, so one adult will have to sleep on the upper bed. We are all of "generous" size! 2 guys about 250 lbs each, are we gonna rip those things out of the walls?! How strong are they? I don't plan on jumping on them or anything but I don't wanna be sleeping on it when I collapses, or be the one under it either!!!!! Thanks for any comments or experiences shared. Let me know if you've slept on them and you are an adult, not a teenie tiny person.
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