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Has anyone any suggestions as to what to pack and the quantities required for a 2 week cruise in August in the Meditteranean. I believe there are 3 formal evenings. We have cruised many times but never in the summer and for this length of time.

As there are weight and baggage allowances I want to be careful as to what to bring with us and allow some space to bring items home from our visit. I would be willing to leave some clothing over there.

If there is a site on this website with suggestions that would be terrific.

The basic packing list is not much different from what I suggested for the Hawaii cruise in another recent thread, but bear in mind that men must wear pants that extend below the knee and ladies must wear pants or skirts that extend below the knee, tops that cover the shoulders completely, and some sort of head cover (a kerchief is okay) to enter the churches and possibly mosques on your shore excursions. Reduce the number of pairs of shorts to about two pairs since you probably will wear them only on days at sea. You probably also can get by with just one swimsuit unless you are enough of an avid swimmer to go swimming after a full day on tour. Also, be sure to bring a pair of shoes that is good for walking moderate distances over uneaven terrain.

Have a great cruise!

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