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Default Need some Help for first time cruiser

I'm interested in going on a Cruise in the Sept/Oct area and am trying to do a lot of research. I talked to a travel agent but wasn't real happy, kinda salesy and I guess I could try another but I had a few questions I'd like help with that could narrow things down for me. I'm excited about trying a cruise but it's all a bit overwhelming. Here's a few questions I have come up with....

1) What's a good destination? I'm really on a cruise more for the cruise itself than seeing many ports but I'd like to go a couple places, maybe Hawaii or something, what makes you choose a destination?

2) How Long? I'm thinking 7 days cause 3-4 seems too short for a major vacation and 9+ is too long to get off and gets too expensive.

3) How much should I expect to pay? Our budget is around $1200 a person (it will either be me and my fiance or me and my fiance plus another couple). I know a $699 cruise could easily be over $1200 by the time you get a flight, pay fees, do a shore excursion, shop, tip, buy alcohol, etc.

4) Where should I leave from? The only port I could really drive to is Galveston (I Live in East Texas) so outside of that I guess I have to fly somewhere, Florida seems to have the most options?

5) Is my time of year bad? I know Sept/Oct is kinda hurricane time but that just works out as a good time to go?

6) Is a cruise a good choice for me? Our little group is pretty quiet, not big party animals, like to enjoy good food, good entertainment, and drink in smaller groups and chat. That kinda thing. What cruise line is probably a good choice for that?

Thanks in advance for all your help! I'm good at researching but I need a more sizeable chunk to look at, it all seems kind of overwhelming right now.
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