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Appreciate your views; As usual, you make sense, when presenting the fleet argument the way you did.

Thanks for your kind words!

I was merely expressing surprise at RCI at having gone the way of PostPanamax for X brand when it only has 8 ships IN TOTAL...compared with Princess that has over 15....thus able to have half of its fleet unable to transit.

I'm surprised that Celebirty has not ordered post-panamax vessels before now, but the exceutives probably were more than a little concerned about the ability to maintain the quality of the product while servicing more than about 2500 passengers. It's prodent to make sure that you can maintain qualtiy before you expand. Don't forget that the Millennium class more than doubled the total capacity of the line.

Do you think RCI will go '' Asian-SouthPacific'' with its own brand ( rumoured to go: Serenade) or with X ??? ( i'd see one of the Millie going there after the new build is in service....). ???

That's an interesting question. I thought that sister line Royal Caribbean International was already deploying one vessel to Australia and New Zealand for the winter season, but I don't see those itineraies listed on the line's web site. The company may well send one vessel from each fleet to that region simultaneously with alternating schedules so the embarkation and tour staff can alternate between servicing both vessels, as seems to be the company's pattern in other destinations. I also would like to see a ship or two deployed to the south Pacific, at least for the winter season....

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