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Default Is this a good cruise choice? Plus a couple budget questions

With some help derived from my other post I've narrowed down cruise choices and I think I've made a selection, I just want to see if it's the best one for me and ask a couple budgeting questions as well. I know cruises are about having a great time and not worrying about money, but I need to be able to budget it out decently well. I've chosen a cruise out of Galveston because that saves the hotel costs (some friends live about an hour away) and the plane trip cost (Prolly $300 a person). And cuts it down to $70 Gas and $80 for parking ($75 a person). Which is a big savings. It does limit choices quite a bit though for destination and lines. I basically have to choose Carnival or Royal Carribbean.

I am looking at the Royal Carribbean Rhapsody of the Seas Western Carribbean 7-night cruise. It visits Key West, Cozumel, and Grand Cayman islands, with several nights at sea (a big plus for me). It totals $599 per person $660 after fees. So here's my questions....

1) Is this a good enough time of the year to cruise? (second half of Sept)

2) Is $599 for an Oceanview a good deal, and how long will it probably last? (When do I need to book by)

3) Is the (I) Oceanview cabin on Deck 4 a good choice, it's cheaper and above water, I was leaning towards this, is it a good location?

4) Is this a good experience? Good Boat/Good Locations etc.

5) I'm a first time cruiser what might surprise me? I've read most of the first timer guides, just looking for any other suggestions?

We're going as a group of two. I am trying to budget things out approximately, and I know it's largely up to the person how much it costs but tell me if I'm in the right ballpark here?

Cruise+Taxes/Fees $660
Parking/Gas $75
Tips $100
Alcohol $250
Shore Excursions/Shopping $300

That totals about $1400 and my goal was to stay under $1500 a person, this should run $2750-3000 if my budget is pretty close and that's affordable. Please give me all your thoughts, I'm a little nervous and want to make sure I've covered everything and made a good choice. Thanks so much for your help!!
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