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Default New to Cruise

Sounds like you'll be the bell of the ball!

I think its great that you are making such an effort to follow the rules and codes of the cruiseline!

While its true, some don't dress because they just don't get it...they are the "I'll do what I want"," I have to EAT as many times and as much as I can to get my moneys worth" and" I'm bringing my own booze, 'cause I Ain't paying 5 bucks for a beer", crowd.

Don't listen to them.

Your first cruise should be a magical experience.

Don't go out and buy everything new, but pick up a few things you may not have. Men can RENT a tux and or dinner jacket combo for about $100.00, or a dark suit is fine..( I'd suggest the tux for the first cruise) or if you want to by one $100.00 at JCPENNY for a quality wool tux.

The ship carries beaded purses for $10.00 - 20.00, scarves for about $10.00, and jewely sets for less than $20.00. NOt to mention FULL beaded dresses for 150.00 - 250.00. Many of the women we travel with always seem to find lots of things that are way less expensive than at department stores on the ship.

Make sure you get you formal photo taken....You'll be glad you dresses for the occasion.

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