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1) Can we wear sweats during the cruise? I don't mind dressing up for dinner, but I don' want to be wearing dress pants all day, especially while relaxing on deck, or walking around. I'll be on Celebrity going to Alsaka in Sept, and I was wondering if the dress codes allows for us to wear sweats (nice sweats) while lounging around during the day.

Sweats are fine on deck, around the pool, etc., but probably a bit too casual for the dining room.

2) For the semi-formal nights, do you think it's okay to wear black slacks, and a red sweater (I'm female). I don't want to bring a pantsuit, and I'm already bringing two dresses for the formal nights. The dress code says "Pants outfit" is okay for the semi-formal nights. Do you guys think pants and a sweater is considered a suitable "pants outfit"?


Officially, Celebrity has "informal" evenings rather than "semiformal" evenings -- meaning that gentlemen wear a sport coat over a shirt with a collar and slacks but that a necktie is optional. In practice, many of the ladies on Celebrity's ships seem to dress beyond the line's guidelines for the "informal" designation. You won't go wrong if you bring a cocktail dress with a couple different sets of accessories for the informal evenings. A red sweater with black slacks sounds pretty classy, but it would be a better choice for a casual evening on Celebrity.


You're welcome!

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